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Congrats on your graduation, now go work on that backflip

Thats so freaking funny.

FOX31 Denver

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Davenport University student Robert Jeffrey Blank thought he would stand out at his graduation Sunday.

He succeeded.

After receiving his diploma, Blank posed, then attempted a backflip — and instead took a face-plant for all to see and startling faculty and everyone in the auditorium.

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Dr. TuAnh La

  9500 Clifford St, Fort Worth, TX

When should I see Dr TuAhn La, optometrist?

Corneal ulcer, dry eye, glaucoma or astigmatism, these eye conditions can result in permanent vision impairment and must be shown to an optometrist in Fort Worth, Texas at the earliest. The statistics for eye impairment offered by Fight for Sight Eye Research draws attention to some glaring results – 314 million people worldwide are visually impaired, 1.4 million children are blind. Whatever the cause of the eye problem, it must be addressed at the onset. Most people visit the optometrist only when the problem gets out of hand.

6 Reasons to See an Optometrist in Fort Worth:
You need to visit an optometrist in Fort Worth, TX 76108 when you face any of the following conditions:

Moistness of eyes:
Sudden appearance of tears is the most common sign of an eye problem. If you feel that with little or no strain at all, your eyes start watering, take an appointment with an eye specialist.
Blurred visions: Haziness, lack of clarity in seeing distant objects, at any particular time of the day or night signals eye problem. Consult an optometrist immediately.

Blindness may not happen all of a sudden or it may not take a major accident to make you blind. At times, many people meet with small accidents even within their homes. The external injury may hardly be conspicuous, but if you have received a bump on your head, make sure your see a doctor. If you experience any pain in your eyes after being injured, a visit to an optometrist should be considered a priority.

Spots and flashes:
Sudden appearance of floating spots in your field of vision or sudden flashes of light before one or both your eyes mean a visit to a doctor is essential. In case you feel that your vision is weakening, make it a point to visit your doctor.

Flu-like symptoms:
Pain in the eyes, however, normal or temporary it may seem, requires an eye check up. Muscle ache or fever can also cause eye pain. Do not treat these symptoms lightly. These might signal developing eye diseases.

Diabetics must visit their optometrist regularly, since this disease is related to various eye complaints.

Dr TuAhn La, of www.advancedeyecareoftexas.com is a Fort Worth, Texas optometrist in the 76108 zip code that provides Comprehensive Eye Exams and Diabetic and Hypertensive Eye Exam services.

Choosing an Optometrist

I found this article to be very interesting…

Taking proper care of our eyes and vision means that we have to find and build a relationship with an optometrist that we trust and who is reputable. Just as with any other health care professional, choosing one that is a good fit for you and your family is essential to getting the kind of proper care that you need in a comfortable environment. With a properly selected optometrist you have a healthcare provider who is in established practice and therefore you know that they will be there for the long term for you and your family.

One of the first things that you need to do when looking for an optometrist is to select one that is in established practice. These healthcare providers have a vested interest in their patients and building a long term personal relationship with them. Taking care of patients is their livelihood and as such are bound to give more accurate and personal care. They want you to come back again and again and to refer your friends and family to them as well.

Secondly you need to choose a provider who has a strong reputation in the community. Start out by asking your friends and family who they use and trust with the care of their eyes. Word of mouth is essential to finding a good providers but be careful to mostly trust opinions of those who you trust and who have used the provider personally. Also remember that everyone has their own opinions for their own reasons so judge the information that is given carefully for its pros and cons.

Make sure that you check out the providers that you are interested in using with the local medical review board as well as the Better Business Bureau and the Chamber of Commerce. You should also check to see if there is a review panel of local healthcare providers. Often a local hospital will keep a listing of providers that they have confirmed are reputable and have positive patient feedback.

Many times you are limited by the approved providers that you have in your insurance plan. While this does limit you to a degree it does not mean that you still do not have the ability to choose between them based on which is better for you and your family. Start out by asking the insurance provider if and how they rank their member healthcare providers. If they do and the ranking is based on policy holder feedback, then you have a perfect tool to select the ones that are most positively reviewed. From there you can use other methods to further narrow down your search to the provider that is best for your needs.

Be wary of providers who use cheap gimmicks to pull you in. Always ask to see the fine print on any deals that seem too good to be true. Gimmicks and bait and switch tactics may pull in the customers for these less than reputable providers, but in the end they do not lead to repeat business. Even if you have a great experience with the optometrist they may not be in business for long and soon you will find yourself once again looking for a new eye care professional.

Choosing an optometrist that is right for you and your family is essential to the proper care and well-being of your eyes and vision. Your vision is a vital part of your senses. It allows you to enjoy everything that is beautiful in this world. With everything that you stand to miss out on by not taking proper care of your eyes, why would you take the chance of selecting an optometrist that is not a perfect for you and your family. Vision is a precious gift make sure that yours stays perfect by taking the time to find the optometrist that is right for you.

There are a great many eye care professionals out there to choose from. But there are a few bad apples that make fully vetting your optometrist necessary. If you are looking for a great optometrist in the Fort Worth, Texas area, visit www.advancedeyecareoftexas.com for a great family eye care professional you can count on.

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Doctor La Saved My Life.

On Feb 7, 2014 I went to Advanced Eye Care of Texas as my vision seemed to have changed “all of a sudden.” I was prescribed accordingly and ordered glasses.

On Feb 13, 2014 my glasses came in and I went to get them but when I put them on, my vision was not any better, so the eye glass place sent me back to Advanced Eye Care to check my prescription which Dr. La did. She noticed that my vision had worsened and asked if I had a history of high blood pressure or diabetes, which I replied that I did not.

So I went home after seeing Dr La and because of the concern that I felt from Dr La I knew there must be something else wrong, so I had my sister take me to the Emergency Room. At the ER I found out that my blood sugar was at 1099 and I was admitted. I should have lapsed into a sugar coma but I never did. Long story short, my vision problems were due to having type 2 diabetes.

If Doctor La had not shown concern for my health I’d probably not be alive today. She is a wonderful Doctor and knows what she is doing. She shows a true concern for her patients and I am very grateful that she is my Eye Doctor. I will always be her patient and I will recommend her to everyone I meet.


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Divorce In Texas

Couples going through a divorce in Texas face enormous changes in their lives. They will discuss divisions of property, assets, and funds, but for many couples the most significant decision that they’ll face is the issue of child custody. The parents often undertake the questions about who the children will live with, what visitation rights the other parents will have, and who will have responsibility for the children in legal matters. The more you learn about how Texas law addresses the situation and the options that are available, the less nerve-racking it will be when deciding what’s best for both the kids and each parent.

A good divorce Attorney in Fort Worth is Donald C Nemec, http://www.nemeclaw.com