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What makes a good fiction book?

By Diana Ennen – In fiction, the writer’s job is to entertain, to draw an emotional response from the reader.

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When should I see Dr TuAhn La, optometrist?

Corneal ulcer, dry eye, glaucoma or astigmatism, these eye conditions can result in permanent vision impairment and must be shown to an optometrist in Fort Worth, Texas at the earliest. The statistics for eye impairment offered by Fight for Sight Eye Research draws attention to some glaring results – 314 million people worldwide are visually impaired, 1.4 million children are blind. Whatever the cause of the eye problem, it must be addressed at the onset. Most people visit the optometrist only when the problem gets out of hand.

6 Reasons to See an Optometrist in Fort Worth:
You need to visit an optometrist in Fort Worth, TX 76108 when you face any of the following conditions:

Moistness of eyes:
Sudden appearance of tears is the most common sign of an eye problem. If you feel that with little or no strain at all, your eyes start watering, take an appointment with an eye specialist.
Blurred visions: Haziness, lack of clarity in seeing distant objects, at any particular time of the day or night signals eye problem. Consult an optometrist immediately.

Blindness may not happen all of a sudden or it may not take a major accident to make you blind. At times, many people meet with small accidents even within their homes. The external injury may hardly be conspicuous, but if you have received a bump on your head, make sure your see a doctor. If you experience any pain in your eyes after being injured, a visit to an optometrist should be considered a priority.

Spots and flashes:
Sudden appearance of floating spots in your field of vision or sudden flashes of light before one or both your eyes mean a visit to a doctor is essential. In case you feel that your vision is weakening, make it a point to visit your doctor.

Flu-like symptoms:
Pain in the eyes, however, normal or temporary it may seem, requires an eye check up. Muscle ache or fever can also cause eye pain. Do not treat these symptoms lightly. These might signal developing eye diseases.

Diabetics must visit their optometrist regularly, since this disease is related to various eye complaints.

Dr TuAhn La, of www.advancedeyecareoftexas.com is a Fort Worth, Texas optometrist in the 76108 zip code that provides Comprehensive Eye Exams and Diabetic and Hypertensive Eye Exam services.