by 2112newswire

Doctor La Saved My Life.

On Feb 7, 2014 I went to Advanced Eye Care of Texas as my vision seemed to have changed “all of a sudden.” I was prescribed accordingly and ordered glasses.

On Feb 13, 2014 my glasses came in and I went to get them but when I put them on, my vision was not any better, so the eye glass place sent me back to Advanced Eye Care to check my prescription which Dr. La did. She noticed that my vision had worsened and asked if I had a history of high blood pressure or diabetes, which I replied that I did not.

So I went home after seeing Dr La and because of the concern that I felt from Dr La I knew there must be something else wrong, so I had my sister take me to the Emergency Room. At the ER I found out that my blood sugar was at 1099 and I was admitted. I should have lapsed into a sugar coma but I never did. Long story short, my vision problems were due to having type 2 diabetes.

If Doctor La had not shown concern for my health I’d probably not be alive today. She is a wonderful Doctor and knows what she is doing. She shows a true concern for her patients and I am very grateful that she is my Eye Doctor. I will always be her patient and I will recommend her to everyone I meet.